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I’ve been so surprised at how many connections I’ve been able to make with all of these amazing people around the world working to reinvent the fashion industry. I was recently given the opportunity to talk with the lovely team at Worker’s Nobility. When I was interviewing their founder, I was reminded why I love the sustainable and handmade initiatives that I see happening right now in fashion. Hearing the story of her clothing and her family helped me to see the real value in being dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle. I love the attitude of the team at Worker’s Nobility towards natural resources and the purpose of clothing. Read on for an interview with their founder, and don’t forget to visit their lovely shop here!

“Worker’s Nobility is a brand that represents people with nobleness of mind, character and spirit.”

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself!

I’m a down to earth woman in my thirties. I grew up surrounded by fabric and wood.  My parents made clothes and my grandfather was a charming carpenter. Ever since I can remember I loved designing clothes and houses. I became an architect and after several years developing my profession I realized that clothing represents the most primitive form of  architecture. The same way a house is divided in rooms a piece of clothing is made by patterns. Both protect the person. I love that idea of comfort and protection that you get from clothes or from a house.

2. Where did you get the idea to start Worker’s Nobility? What was your goal?

Five and a half years ago I moved to the wonderful city of Portland, Oregon. Of course I was missing my family so I bought a second hand sewing machine and I started sewing during my free time to relieve my homesickness. At first I sewed paper.  Then I bought fabric to make pillows and little by little my own wardrobe. In Portland I was fascinated by all the wonderful locally made products and the importance of sustainable and honest living. I wanted to apply my creativity in a conscious way so I created Worker’s Nobility. I love one of the definitions of Nobility: nobleness of mind, character or spirit and we all are workers in different ways. My goal for Worker’s Nobility is to create clothing for all those loyal friends.

3. What is your favorite piece you’ve designed?

A few years ago I started studying traditional European work clothes. I fell in love with a Norwegian work shirt called a Busserul. In the late 1800’s fabric was expensive compared to human labor. Working people developed a pattern system made out of rectangular pieces to achieve zero waste. You can find this pattern in traditional clothing all around the different European countries. I always loved geometry and finding a rational use of that for clothing was marvelous.

4. If you could travel the world, where would you go first?

I would start from my home town. I think you really need to learn your own culture first. Once you have your own identity you can appreciate humbly all the wonderful cultures and enjoy how greatly diverse we are. I love to meet people from everywhere to see how different we are but in the most basic way how similar we are.

5. What is different about Worker’s Nobility? What sets you apart?

The fashion industry is huge as everybody knows. There are so many talented people creating incredible clothing. Our difference is in our clients. They appreciate timeless clothing, high quality and sustainably made by us. Worker’s Nobility .

Photography: Worker’s Nobility 


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