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I love connecting with brands doing amazing things for the environment! One of my favorites is a company from Europe called iluut. They’re currently crowdfunding as the final step in their production process, and I can’t wait for them to get started! I had the chance to talk with their founder, Elina Cerell, and ask a few questions about what motivates them as a sustainable fashion brand!

  1. What is your inspiration for creating a brand about ethical production?

As Europeans, we aspire to see a positive change in values, and attitudes in the consumption and make of produce here in Europe. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world and we think that there is an absolute need of change. It’s sad that the industry that creates so much beauty is so polluting. That’s why we’re actively searching for new innovations and ways to reduce the ecological footprint in clothing industry and make a difference.

When we got to know each other for two years ago we started making a lot of research. We weren’t that satisfied with the modernity of existing sustainable clothes, so we decided to create our own. 🙂 Like in fast fashion, there are many brands to choose from and surely everyone will find the one that fits well. We think also in sustainable fashion is very important to offer options – and hopefully one day all the brands will be sustainable. 

  1. Why should people be investing in sustainable fashion?

Great question! Here are some good reasons to do so:

  1. health: We live in a time where there is so much information around us, however we feel that this does not necessarily mean honesty and transparency. What good are facts if we do not know what we are consuming? It’s incredibly vital to know whether there has been harmful chemicals used in our clothing production. If there is, it potentially can be harmful for the employees’ health and welfare. You can watch the documentary film True cost which is a real eye opener: http://truecostmovie.comNot only we will be concerned for the employees, but also to the customers. This is such a strong theme that the sustainable industry is advocating themselves in, if we start the process right, this will grow then times fold and have a positive ripple effect to everyone. 
  1. working conditions: Like we mentioned before, the health and welfare of the employees is vital. As a sustainable fashion brand, we try to ensure that the clothes are produced under good working conditions. That’s why we visit personally regularly our suppliers. It can be tricky to track the whole production chain so this is something we encourage people to ask from the brands: where were the production done? 
  1. economy: By buying sustainable fashion products, you support an economical model where everyone in the supply chain should be fairly paid. The products aren’t as cheap as fast fashion ones because the producers usually pay a lot of attention into the garments’ quality so that they’ll last long. So, in return, this is a better investments economically and sustainably. 

Now is a great time to start and change our standars of the fashion by starting in our own wardrobes. We should think of quality and know more where our clothes are from, alongside, of course, to a well-thought out garment design to cater to the modern woman.

iluut’s crowdfunding campaign just started and we are extremely excited about it. Take a look at the pre-sales and find your favorite piece hereOne thing is guaranteed: you’ll know where iluut’s clothes are made. Full traceability is important for us.

  1. What is the biggest misconception about eco-friendly fashion that you hear?

 It’s often stated that sustainable fashion products are expensive. That’s why we have made a decision to work with a lower margin than the industry usually works, so we are able to offer an affordable price to our customers. Sometimes we also hear that sustainable clothes aren’t beautiful and modern enough. That’s why iluut has super talented, contemporary designers who know the trends very well and are gifted in changing the trends into timeless but modern clothes. 

  1. What motivates you to create this kind of fashion in a world dominated by the fast-fashion industry? 

As we all know, our natural resources are diminishing due to over-use, therefore, as an industry we need to re-think the future and start today. We believe the sooner we do so, the better.That’s why we’re working hard to make a positive impact in fashion and to inform everyone and hopefully shift people’s attitudes and values into a more sustainable industry.  Also, we’re happy that we can use our creative talents and skills to create beautiful clothes. We want to work in a way that everyone will be happy, the people and the nature. 



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